Sponsor a Dog

Sadly, not all of our dogs are suitable for re-homing. This could be due to ill health, breed type or for behavioral reasons. Happily for these dogs, they have a permanent place under the care of Team Paws to see out their lives. However there are costs involved in properly caring for them, vaccines monthly worming and flea treatments, medications, food, toys, bedding etc.

A monthly sponsorship of £20 would cover everything needed for your chosen dog. For this you will receive regular private photographs and updates about what your dog has been up to! Please contact us for further information.

Here are our long term residents looking for their virtual adopter.


Lovely Freda is displaying quite extreme separation anxiety. She’s a large hound, and knows how to use her voice! We estimate she was born in December 2018, so she’s only a young girl but foster mom has concerns about her suitability for a family home. She’ll be staying where she’s happy.

RIP little fella 💔🌈05.05.2020

Bubba has now been sponsored ❤️

Our lovely older boy Bubba has been under our care since October 2018. He was in a very sorry state with a nasal and open sinus wound infested with maggots.

It took a lot of love & veterinary attention to heal his wounds, but they now are.

However, he has since developed an eye condition requiring daily medication. He is now happily living with Paws Boss Jules as part of her family.

Basil – has now been sponsored 💕

Basil’s problem is quite obvious, he has deformity in his front legs. He has been part of Jules’ family since he was left with us, back in September 2018.

He is taking regular medication and will eventually require surgery on both legs.

Ronnie – has now been sponsored ❤️

The once super skinny Ronnie has had a tough time. He’s an older boy too who was scooped up off the street in a malnourished state. He was shown love and affection with his foster placement and we thought the time was right to take him to the UK to a rescue center to find him a home there.

However, Ronnie couldn’t settle & understandably became food possessive again, so he’s back where he feels safe & where he will now stay for the forseeable future.